Vietnam, a country that I most saw and heard from Hollywood movies: blood, guns and war. So I decided to have a visit and experience it from my own point of view. I only brought my pocket camera this time.

It was a rainy season in July. The trip started from the south: Ho Chi Minh, then flying to Hoi An and ended in Hanoi. I realized then that people were more friendly in southern part of Vietnam compared to the northern part, due to its business activities.

I stayed at Majectic Hotel at the heart of Ho Chi Minh. Built in 1925, it was the oldest hotel in the city. Its collonial style gave a warm, comforting atmosphere, despite its location in the busy business district. We could see the Saigon river while having breakfast on the roof top restaurant. Quite lovely.


I am always a big, big fan of food. So it meant a big deal during the trip. You should try pho bo tai and Vietnamese pancake at Ngon restaurant. The local beer was also quite nice, not mentioning the famous Vietnamese iced coffee, which is always very, very sweet. The other nice restaurant was Vietnam House on Dhong Khoi Street, also in collonial style.

A must-see was Cuchi Tunnels, 60 km from Ho Chi Minh. You must have heard about it: hundreds of kilometres of secret tunnels that were used to fight the Americans.

We then flew to Danang, and drove to Hoi An, in the middle part of Vietnam. I stayed at Hoi An Beach Resort (big room!) and enjoyed my complimentary dinner by the river, seeing hundreds of red candles floating, then picked up downstream by some boatmen, and let go floating again. Quite a funny job.
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