Pin Sudiraharti

I sincerely express my gratitude to British Council (BC) for this exhibition: a portrait assignment for a sole exhibition with total freedom of interpretations and executions. Sweet!

When I competed in 2006 and 2007 in IYCEY (Indonesia Young Creative Entrepreneur of The Year, held by BC), I had so much fun (although I was only a finalist and a runner-up, never won :). Gathering and spending time with such talented people will always give you something to bring home. I never thought that I would have to shoot these people for my own exhibition though. I have to say, it was even much more fun, and challenging.

First of all, these young fellows were always busy. Secondly, I only had less than a week. Thirdly, I was sleepy all the time as I had just finished a long, tiring commercial project for a property giant in Jakarta. But as I mentioned it earlier, the deal was too sweet to resist. So I was rockin’ and rolling with my instant concepts (which I did in less than 5 minutes for each portrait) and photo shoots (which I did in less than 30 minutes for each).
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