New Zealand, 2012

The magnificient Fox Glacier. Walk on the glacier is a must!

Kia ora, my dearest blog readers. Be well, it means, in Maori language.

This post is especially dedicated to you who loves nature, because you’ll have an orgasm with New Zealand. It will be such a great, great place for your next adventure (in my case, a honeymoon) and here are some of the reasons:

  1. The nature is simply amazing. It’s magnificent, unbelievably beautiful. I’ve explored 23 countries so far, and NZ would be really hard to beat.
  2. The facilities are so well done. Drinkable fresh water, clean toilets, information centers, smooth roads, emergency services and all the other things a first-timer like me needs are available and easily accessible.
  3. People are extremely friendly. Unless you’re a blood-thirsty street fighter, you’ll most likely end up having a good experience with the Kiwis and other travelers.
  4. English is the main language in NZ. So if you can understand my so-so English on this blog, you’ll be just fine.
  5. All tourism are designed Eco-friendly, with nature conservation in mind. Nothing is overly done (which is an eye-disaster for a visual minded person like me).
  6. The size of the country is just perfect. One destination to another is usually only 1-4 hours driving. You don’t have to fly all the time and miss all the fun.
  7. Many places are so quiet. NZ has more sheep than people. It’s great for people from big cities who see too many people everyday.
  8. The food is great! With NZ’s meat and dairy products, you better plan to visit your personal trainer more often once you’re back home.
  9. For adrenaline junkies, you can test your limit here. There’s a reason why NZ is called home for bungy jumps.

Now, here are some insights from my experience that I hope can help you a bit to plan a better holiday:

  1. Hire a camper-van. Hit the road with a little-moving-house that has kitchen, bed, toilet, shower and a fridge. Many companies made custom-designed camper-vans, based on their many years of experience. I even had my candle light dinner in it. You can stayt at many holiday parks that are dedicated for campers with a small fee (and you can park at any normal parking space just like a normal car).
  2. Talk to other travelers. Beautiful countries are often visited by beautiful people. I got many useful information from them in holiday park public showers.
  3. Travel light. It’s not a third world country anyway, you can buy almost everything you need in any town.
  4. Wind breaker is a must, unless you’re from Antarctic.
  5. Be adventurous. NZ is not a place for a potato couch.
  6. Always watch the weather forecast. It’s much better to admire Mount Cook in a sunny day than imagining how it looks behind a thick layer of fog.
  7. Plan your road trip a bit, but not too much. Your plan can easily change.
  8. Never litter. Ever. The country is cleaner than our malls in Jakarta.
  9. Don’t try to find Chinese food. You might better visit China.
  10. The beer is good. Buy more cans.

Last but not least, here’s my story with my dear wife, Dena, through pictures (what else?). Enjoy, good people. Kia ora.

I shared my photographs with no watermark. Please do not abuse the good faith and the copyrights.


It was in city center. No wonder Christchurch is called The Garden City.

Brothers talking in a nice evening in Queenstown

The magnificent Fox Glacier. Walk on the glacier is a must!

View from the helicopter in Aoraki/Mount Cook area (btw your helicopter will land on the snow, on top of the mountain)

Boat riding in Tasman Glacier gives you a chance to touch (and taste, in case you're thirsty) icebergs

Go tramping at Mount John and be amazed with its 360˚ view from the observatory (plus a restaurant!) on top of it (order a super yummy hot chocolate)

Swim with the Hector dolphins in Akaroa. If you're lucky, they might like you.

NZ's capital, Wellington, has its unmistakable charm. And Peter Jackson still called it home.

The famous harbour of Auckland

Road to Lake Taupo. Even a cloudy day can still awe you in NZ.

The Hobbiton, the shooting location of, rrr, The Hobbits

Milford Sound

Whale watching from helicopter in Kaikoura. 19-metre fully grown sperm whale!!

Also in Hobbiton. Don't give me that look, I won't eat you anyway, Shaun.

Spend a day in Napier in the east coast of the north island. Such a charming little town.

Swim with the seals. You'll remember it for the rest of your life.

Last but not least, you might wanna see some of the less photographic-oriented pictures of our trip (but nothing less exciting too see, I guarantee you :D). Please click here.

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