Naturally In Love, Officially Taken

Mr. & Mrs. Aurum 😉

Ha! We’re married!

Lemme share a bit of our little story. I met Denada in 2009, when I was shooting for my photography book, In My Room. It was an awesome first meeting, because the moment I met her in person, she was wearing a bed sheet and nothing underneath :D. Such a great pleasure for being a photographer. The photo itself instantly became my favorite of the entire book.

It wasn't love at the first sight, but it was a lovely picture for sure

Several months later, we started dating and began to share so many moments together. Love was, and is, and I really hope that always be, in the air.

On the 13th July 2011, at almost midnight, in front of the sea of lights of New York, I proposed Dena at the top of Empire State Building (reminded me well of the movie Sleepless In Seattle. Or King Kong). As you might have known, it was a Yes. Such a perfect, perfect scene of our own movie.

Back in Jakarta, on the special date of 11.11.2011, I proposed Dena again. This time, officially. Eleven members of my family came to Dena’s house bringing the ‘seserahan’, consisted of eleven parcels. Laughter, tears of joy and so many memorable little things we shared that day.

Lord Of The Ring in action

Okay, fast forward to today, or to be precised, yesterday (15th Feb), we got married in Khayangan Estate, Uluwatu, Bali. We had the ceremony in the morning, attended by family only, besides our ten best-friends-forever as our best-men and bridesmaids. (To our journalist friends, sorry that we kept it very private. I’m sure that you will understand). The feeling, was simply indescribable. But my vow to my wife was simple and short, “Aku akan mencintaimu dengan sederhana.. tanpa agenda, tanpa syarat.” May God bless us on that.

The dinner party after that? Guys, it was THE best wedding party I’ve ever attended, and it was our own!! Great performances on stage (I married a singer with singer parent and singer friends, remember?),  great family members and friends (yup, nothing beats celebrating with people  we love) and great, great dancing and drinking (when my and my buddies’ shirts flew off on the dancing floor, I knew we had hell of a great party).

It was a night to remember. And a start of a new journey. Wish us luck, good people.

For more pictures, have a look here!


PS. Some of our beloved guests said something about the party 😀

The Best Wedding Party ever! Best Couple, Best Friends, Best Scene, Best Island. The most sincere party with only dearest families, friends & colleagues.. 8 thumbs up! – Ariya Sradha

The best party I’ve ever attended – Felly Hartanto

Seru banget party-nya…it was so much fun! We should do it again! *lho* hahaha. – Oka Yulianto

One of the best weddings I’ve ever attented to, congratz! – Rachma Devi

What a nice cray loving celebration last night. We’re sooooo happy for you! Oiya, should I mention gua & Thelly sampe berkaca2 pas bagian lo di depan kemaren, bwahahaha bagus kali! – Raden Antorio

The beautiful place, the nice people, the way you both dressed were very impressive. Jer, when I saw your mother it looks to me “she” was the bride in the way she dressed, beautiful! Dena, when your mother went to the stage, I thought she will give a long speech, (that’s what mothers doing most of the time, hahaha). How big the surprise when she start to sing, I would like to work every day with her in the kitchen, to hear her amazing voice! Now I know from whom you get your voice. I never heard you singing but it must be nice too! Even the guest on our table, the crazy photo (taken at the moment when we came in) and the performances was a nice surprise. You organized all very well. Chapeau! – Henk de Vries


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