My Personal Best 2012

Shakira Aurum, 24 hours after born

Shakira Aurum, 48 hours after born

Happy, Happy, Happy New Year, Good People!

There are so many reviews of what’s best in 2012, so I decided to make one too. You’d probably agree with my choices.

Best Gadget: iPhone 5. Although I only got it as Christmas present from my wife last week, it wouldn’t take long to decide that Apple has done another great job. It’s not a surprising breakthrough, but its fine, detailed, unmatched craftsmanship once again has won my heart.

Best Photography Tool: Canon 5D mk 2. It simply feels right in every aspect. Nikon D800 really really attempted me, but changing back to Nikon would give me too much hassle in buying new lenses etc.

Best Project: Shooting for my next book. But the theme and title are still confidential (sooorryyy). 60% more to go 😀

Best Photographer: Annie Leibovitz. She’s still the best, and the most inspiring.

Best Achievement: Platinum & Gold Awards in Graphis 100 Best In Photography, New York. I have won many awards, but never thought to have a chance to win this one.

Best Movie: Life Of Pi. Once told that the novel is not possible to be filmed, Ang Lee has taken 3D CGI to the next level, together with his mellow and dramatic directing. It is the only movie that I rated 10/10 on

Best TV Series: CSI Miami. And Vegas. And New York.

Best Motorcycle: MV Agusta Brutale 800. It’s so beautiful, purely Italian and hopefully, practical enough for crazy cities like Jakarta.

Best Car: Chevy Camaro. Still my favorite since three years ago.

Best New Thing: Get tattooed. It even beats my 134m bungy jump and my first video-clip directing.

Best Governmental-Related Event: Jokowi-Ahok beats Foke-Nara. It seems real hope of changes finally drive people to take real actions in voting.

Best Food: Hangi at Tamaki Maori Village, Rotorua, NZ. It is a traditional Maori method of cooking food using heated rocks buried in a pit oven. The taste? It’s just incredibly good.

Best Book: Damn Good Advice by George Lois. I read only several books this year, and this one is exceptional.

Best Magazine: Hunger. Its tagline: For the culturally and visually hungry. Well, I am.

Best Trip: New Zealand. My 5-week honeymoon turned out to be one of the most amazing adventures I’ve ever had. In terms of nature, New Zealand has very few contenders that can match its fine beauty and well-managed tourism.

Best Sport: Ping-pong. Yeah, it’s so not sexy, but it makes me healthy day-to-day.

Best Touching Moment: Our wedding vow. It was a sunny morning in Bali, surrounded by people we loved. A perfect wedding to remember. Not mentioning the following super duper fun party.

Best Gift: Shakira Aurum. Born 11.12.2012, she is a true present from God.

Best Joke: Rhoma Irama.

Best Quote: Live Love, Love Life. What can I say, I am a quote slut. Can’t stop making the new ones every day.