Lighting for Automotive Workshop with Oktagon and Audi

Lecturing is always one of my best interests. Oktagon, one of the biggest photo suppliers in Indonesia, once come to me asking me to conduct a workshop. I told them that I wasn’t interested in doing a beginner workshop, as that would bore me too soon haha. So, they challenged me to do a car shooting, which was considered as pretty difficult to do. Well, why not. I of course chose my favourite car, the new Audi TT. This beautiful machine isn’t only elegant and sooo nice, yet powerful and so full of new technology. So I called Audi, offering them free exposure thru the workshop. Then I called Oktagon, offering them a free exotic car to shoot. Pretty easy huh. And everybody was happy.

Having it conducted at my studio, I felt a bit embarassed as I wasn’t really prepared in the beginning. Too tired doing the Femalography, I guess. But I was so releaved to see that we had so much fun during the lesson. I believe that a learning should be fun. That what makes the lesson stick to our minds, not the boring theory of complicated photo techniques.

See you guys at our next workshop. It’s been fun!



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