Vanguard XCenior 48T


Bukan buat ngangkut kue lebaran

Ah, my favorite bag. Hmm, tepatnya, trolley camera bag.

Tas kamera troli ditujukan untuk fotografer yang sering bepergian, yang hidupnya berseliweran di bandara. Jadi kalo hobinya masuk hutan, naik turun sampan, ataupun menjelajah perkampungan, sama aja kayak nyetir sedan di medan off-road.

Nah, tapi kalo memang sering tugas di daerah perkotaan, tas ini sempurna. Dirancang untuk bisa muat di kabin pesawat, sesuai standar maskapai internasional. Kokoh pula, sangat melindungi isi berharganya bila sampai terbanting. Dan sebagai bonusnya, bila semua bantalan dikeluarkan, tas ini langsung berganti fungsi sebagai koper kabin biasa. Menyenangkan!

Monggo cek di atau 021-2700478


Bisa diisi 2 set SLR


Ada strap pengaman


Jaring pengaman, supaya isi gak ngegelinding


Macbook 15 inch muat leluasa


Strap orange khas Vanguard


Kantong depan buat perintilan


Tripod? No problemo. Tapi jangan yang gede-gede


Roda extra gede, nyaman buat diajak lari-larian


Gagang penarik yang bisa naik-turun


Pegangan bawah, memudahkan saat mengangkat


A short video of our challenging fashion shooting for Wacoal Calendar 2014. A mixture of bloody hot weather, a sexy model and a drooling-guaranteed collection of underwear.

Shakira Aurum, 24 hours after born

Shakira Aurum, 48 hours after born

Happy, Happy, Happy New Year, Good People!

There are so many reviews of what’s best in 2012, so I decided to make one too. You’d probably agree with my choices.

Best Gadget: iPhone 5. Although I only got it as Christmas present from my wife last week, it wouldn’t take long to decide that Apple has done another great job. It’s not a surprising breakthrough, but its fine, detailed, unmatched craftsmanship once again has won my heart.
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Train Station, Milan

Buon giorno!

My wife decided to have a summer course in Firenze (Florence) for a month, so I visited her for 2 weeks. After a lazy week in Firenze, which involved 1 kg porterhouse steak called Fiorentina, really hot sun, super old grandma bicycle, Panasonic Lumix G3 and GX1 mirrorless cameras, crazy number of tourists and super delicious gelato, we took a road trip for another week. This time we visited Siena, Milan, Lake Como and my favorite, Cinque Terre, 5 dazzling villages by the sea that guaranteed will make you glued to your camera.

As you know, a picture speaks a thousand words. Enjoy!
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It was my first time shooting for a beauty pageant contest. I was lucky enough to be able to participate in this fun experience. The creative team from SCTV (who invented Miss Celebrity), Yosie and his producer Moenir, called me with a request, “Bring us photos that will surprise us, different to any other existing beauty contests pictures in Indonesia, but got to be easy to enjoy, and without making our contestants ugly.” So I did.
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The magnificient Fox Glacier. Walk on the glacier is a must!

Kia ora, my dearest blog readers. Be well, it means, in Maori language.

This post is especially dedicated to you who loves nature, because you’ll have an orgasm with New Zealand. It will be such a great, great place for your next adventure (in my case, a honeymoon) and here are some of the reasons:

  1. The nature is simply amazing. It’s magnificent, unbelievably beautiful. I’ve explored 23 countries so far, and NZ would be really hard to beat.
  2. The facilities are so well done. Drinkable fresh water, clean toilets, information centers, smooth roads, emergency services and all the other things a first-timer like me needs are available and easily accessible.
  3. People are extremely friendly. Unless you’re a blood-thirsty street fighter, you’ll most likely end up having a good experience with the Kiwis and other travelers.
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Mr. & Mrs. Aurum 😉

Ha! We’re married!
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Bila ada yang harus (sangat) disyukuri menjadi seorang fotografer, adalah kesempatan menikmati jalan-jalan (dan makan-makan) gratis. Tepatnya, dibayari malah. Jadi pada saat Lowe, advertising agency Dji Sam Soe, menawarkan pemotretan mengasyikkan ini di Komodo, saya langsung jawab, “Berangkat!” Kebetulan saya sudah beberapa kali memotret di Flores. Dan sudah beberapa kali mengelus-elus kepala komodo (yang ini bohong).
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Endangered majesty soon-to-be-extinct thanks to you, shark-fin lovers

BULA and welcome! Written on all billboards and posters at Nadi (read: Nandi) airport in Fiji, I quickly sensed the friendly slogan wasn’t only Fiji’s propaganda. As we approached the airport terminal, we were welcomed by a traditional band, complete with their traditional instruments, singing a welcoming song with a big smile. The airport was also unexpectedly big and modern with no people trying to offer us illegal cab or fake branded items. Before Indonesian government decide to spend money on another useless comparison study overseas, they better go to Fiji and consult how to make Jakarta airport more decent.
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Sydney oh Sydney..

‘G’day mate!’ said the immigration officer at Sydney airport, after a long, torturing que (perfect, I was so in need to go to the toilet). Luckily, he stamped my passport after checking me in less than 30 seconds. It was such a contrary to the paranoid system in the US, which always takes, well, forever.
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