Train Station, Milan

Buon giorno!

My wife decided to have a summer course in Firenze (Florence) for a month, so I visited her for 2 weeks. After a lazy week in Firenze, which involved 1 kg porterhouse steak called Fiorentina, really hot sun, super old grandma bicycle, Panasonic Lumix G3 and GX1 mirrorless cameras, crazy number of tourists and super delicious gelato, we took a road trip for another week. This time we visited Siena, Milan, Lake Como and my favorite, Cinque Terre, 5 dazzling villages by the sea that guaranteed will make you glued to your camera.

As you know, a picture speaks a thousand words. Enjoy!
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Shooting food is unbeatable. It’s fun, and it will make you hungry!

I am lucky enough to be chosen as a guest judge for the No. 1 culinary TV show, MasterChef Indonesia. My task was obviously not to taste the looking-good food (that would have been a total disaster), but to see how well the plating or presentation of each contestant’s creation was.
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Reef Sharks, Bahamas

The Epson International Pano Awards showcases the work of panoramic photographers worldwide and is the largest competition for panoramic photography. I submitted 6 photos and earned 5 bronze awards. Not too bad :). Here are the 5 winning photos.
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A photography event you don't wanna miss!

Our favorite twitter topic #klinikfoto goes LIVE!

Mari ikutan, sebelum kehabisan! Seminar #klinikfoto yang didukung oleh Panasonic Lumix dan Majalah Stuff Indonesia ini mengangkat tema fotografi buat siapapun yang ingin membuat foto bagus dan bermakna dalam traveling. Akan dibahas persiapan alat foto yang pas, tehnik dasar fotografi travel yang sesungguhnya, bocoran tempat-tempat seru di Indonesia, cara travel yang praktis sampai tips rahasia menghasilkan foto juara dalam bepergian.


fX Lifestyle X’nter, The Cone Lt 7, Jakarta.


Sabtu, 26 Mei, jam 9 pagi – 4 sore.
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It was my first time shooting for a beauty pageant contest. I was lucky enough to be able to participate in this fun experience. The creative team from SCTV (who invented Miss Celebrity), Yosie and his producer Moenir, called me with a request, “Bring us photos that will surprise us, different to any other existing beauty contests pictures in Indonesia, but got to be easy to enjoy, and without making our contestants ugly.” So I did.
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The magnificient Fox Glacier. Walk on the glacier is a must!

Kia ora, my dearest blog readers. Be well, it means, in Maori language.

This post is especially dedicated to you who loves nature, because you’ll have an orgasm with New Zealand. It will be such a great, great place for your next adventure (in my case, a honeymoon) and here are some of the reasons:

  1. The nature is simply amazing. It’s magnificent, unbelievably beautiful. I’ve explored 23 countries so far, and NZ would be really hard to beat.
  2. The facilities are so well done. Drinkable fresh water, clean toilets, information centers, smooth roads, emergency services and all the other things a first-timer like me needs are available and easily accessible.
  3. People are extremely friendly. Unless you’re a blood-thirsty street fighter, you’ll most likely end up having a good experience with the Kiwis and other travelers.
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Mr. & Mrs. Aurum 😉

Ha! We’re married!
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Looking back a bit is necessary

Here I am again, two years after I wrote my last retrospection on this blog. Many things have happened since then, good and bad, and I have been fortunate enough to have more of the good ones.

So here are some of my (sometimes not-important) thoughts about many things in our creative industry and about myself:

1. 2011 has been the most exciting year in photography. Thanks to Instagram, which was chosen as the application of the year by Apple, more and more people are so into photography these days.

2. Number of professionals in commercial photography in Indonesia remain pretty much the same as many years ago. Many have come and go, and they usually stayed in the business not more than two years. Why? I guess the business side is not what many people expect to be a pro.
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Senjata perang sejak 1992. Apik tersimpa, bebas jamur, bebas debu.

‘Kamera saya berjamur, kemana dong benerinnya?’ Ketimbang kamera atau lensa jamuran, yang mana sama menyebalkan dengan jamur di kaki, mendingan dihindari.
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Laser for beauty wouldn't hurt

I’ve been shooting beauty since the very early days of my photography life. Why? Because it is a true wonderful thing about this career. Surrounded by gorgeous women, being able to tell them to do this and that, and also getting paid of doing so. Ain’t that called a great job that makes many people envious? 😀
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