My design firm is not a big fan of pitches. HM Sampoerna, one of the biggest tobacco companies in Indonesia, and in the world, is one exception. I have handled HM Sampoerna since year 2001 and have done many projects for them, which mostly successful and satisfactory.

I have to say, HM Sampoerna is still one of my favorite clients. It respects creativity. The people have good taste. It always applies clean business and good corporate governance. No wonder Phillip Morris bought it from Sampoerna family with super deal price 3 years ago.
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At FGD Expo 2007, the biggest digital expo in Indonesia, 40 designers from all over the world participated in a poster exhibition that was held during the event. The theme was: One Globe One Flag.
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It was my very first time judging a fashion competition. LPM Femina, a competition that started back in year 70s, has already been there before I was born. Judging it was quite an experience.
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Despite the big flood in Jakarta, I was so glad that the talk show went quite smoothly. Thanks so much to Rachel Maryam, Dewi Lestari and Sebastian Gunawan for helping me out.