World Expo Shanghai, 2010

Indonesia Pavilion

I’m proud to be an Indonesian! Yes, Indonesia really kicked some a** during the World Expo in Shanghai.

I got an invitation from Ministry of Trade Republic of Indonesia as one of my pictures from my book Femalography was exhibited at Indonesia Pavilion in the expo. I didn’t have much time, but such invitation was really hard to resist.

More than 190 countries and more than 50 international organizations have registered to participate in the Shanghai World Expo, the largest ever. I of course went to Indonesia Pavilion right away, checking it out. And it just blew my mind.

The pavilion was designed by Budi Lim, a well-known architect who came up with the idea to use bamboo as its main theme (and material). It has lots of open space that gives a welcoming feeling. It also efficiently cut some budget. Dea Sudarman, the president of GedungDua8 and Alun-Alun Indonesia, who is also in charge in Pavilion Indonesia, told me that the main strength of the concept lays on its unique cultures, not in technology, as we simply can’t compete with the other countries. I couldn’t agree more.

I want this tunnel at home

Panda will be happy in our pavilion

You like the picture? Call me!

You like the picture? Call me!

I also noticed that the graphic elements in the pavilion were nicely done, especially the typography. To whoever designed it, I salute you.

Graphic design is not dead

Another typography corner

I will now share you the experience through pictures, as they speak more than a thousand words. I only had one day to explore the expo due to my limited time, but I managed to shoot some pavilions :). Enjoy!

China Pavilion

Taiwan Pavilion with its multimedia giant ball

UK Pavilion. See the flag?

Australia Pavilion

Denmark Pavilion

Germany Pavilion

Latvia Pavilion

Expo Axis

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