Untitled, 2009


I love making posters!

The most difficult part of the process was sticking all the stickers to, well, a man’s bare ass. Luckily, it was my own. Unluckily, I prefer to do it myself (to shy to ask for my assistant’s help. It was much easier to shoot naked models, as I have done a thousand times, I realized). It was such a pain in the ass, and some other parts of my body, trying to align the stickers in front of a mirror. You might like the poster, but you won’t like the behind-the-scene fact: a half naked photographer trying to shoot his own ass, wearing only t-shirt and socks, and could barely walk. Don’t imagine it.

PS Thanks to Indonesia Printer and Paperina for making this FGD ’09 joint promo. May other designers are not inspired to show their body parts too.

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