The Bahamas: Nassau and Paradise Island 2008

Another exotic wedding in 2008. I got an assignment this time: shooting a remarkable wedding on the beach in Paradise Island. It was a perfect wed: clear blue sky, perfect sunset, a romantic wedding on the beach.



There is one ultimate reason why we should go to the Bahamas: the water. It is definitely one of the clearest I’ve ever seen. Even the harbor was clear.

Some notes:

The Bahamas is not cheap. Better bring a lot of cash guys.

WAITING is always part of the deal. I’m telling you guys, these Bahamians are slooow…. You can easily wait for 1-2 hours before your food lands on your table.

Prepare a lot of tips, because the locals don’t like to move their a**es without it, but they surely like the US$.





Taxi has no meter. So, bargain hard. Starting from $2 – $30, depends on where you’re going, and your luck. You might want to rent a scooter instead, which starts at $65.

You’ve got to love the sea to enjoy the islands: sailing, jet-skiing, parasailing, diving, kayaking. It’s the right place! Go sailing with Sail Nassau, to experience the race between two of the ex America’s Cup sailboats ($100)…..



….. , or dive with Carribean Reef Sharks with Stuart’s Cove (believe me, it’s worth it) for $145. Jetski is $60 per 1/2 hr, but you can bargain for $40.





The big guy in front of me 🙂

I am the 4th from left

I am the 4th from left

The food is terrible! Sorry guys, but the Bahamas is just dissapointing in this department. Not mentioning that many places are overpriced too. Well, you can’t have everything, can you?

nassau-007 nassau-0061

I liked the drinks. Try the Bahamian Coffee. It’s a mix of 3 different rums and a little part of coffee. They would burn the drink, pour it from one glass to another over and over, caramelizing the sugar. It’s served warm. I also tried coconut water with gin, called sky juice. The daiquiri, Bahama Mama.. so many tropical cocktails you wouldn’t want to miss!


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