I spent a week for my sister’s wedding in Playa del Carmen. It was such a nice place, perfect for people who love the sea. Located 45 minutes from Cancun, it’s temperature is warm and breezy. If you fly from Houston, it takes only a few hours to get there. Cancun airport is also nice and organized

I stayed at Playacar Hotel, one of the Palace hotel group. A good deal they offered there. Once you checked-in, you’ll get a tag in your hand, showing that you are a hotel guest. You are allowed to do whatever you want in the hotel area, no charge at all (nice!). You name it: drinks, food, swimming-pool, mini-bar, all in. I paid $400 per night, regardless the number of people you have in one room (even better!!). And it has in-room jacuzzi too! Every night, they have a special performance. I like the fire dance the best.
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