Some facts:

Okaay, I’ll share some bare facts about Femalography and everything about it. Be careful, it might get you even more interested to get to know it.

– It started in 2001 and finished in 2006.
– It almost launched in 2005, but had been cancelled due to pornography chaos in Indonesia at that time.
– None of the models got paid. All contributed for free.
– Femalography was created as an easy-to-chew art event, so everybody can enjoy it.
– The exhibition in Singapore, Jakarta and the book itself were self-sponsored.
– I approached National Gallery in Jakarta once. They didn’t reply for months and gave no valid answer.
– My email to Singapore Ministry of Art got answered in 3 hours.
– I don’t come from wealthy family. Every single penny that I spent was from my hardworking 7 year career.
– Most of the images created behind the camera, not in front of computer. Some minor digital retouches applied.
– I am not technique-oriented person. It comes last in my priority list.
– The book got 2nd Best Recommended by Borders Bookstore in Singapore.
– I didn’t use any event organizer in Jakarta. Our own team did a good job in making the event big.
– Our florist, Hariyanto from Boenga Singapore flew in and contributed for free, worth thousands of dollar.
– Senayan City provided the venue for free.
– The exhibition in Jakarta was covered by more than 30 print media and 8 tv stations.
– The main goal of the exhibition is to create as many discussions, debates and talks. In this case, I consider it a big success.
– It is the most covered sole photo exhibition in Indonesia. Lemme know if I’m wrong.

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