Good Bye, Praja

Studio Praja

Studio Praja

Nine. There are so many things about this number.

The address is Jl Praja Dalam D no 54, Jakarta. 5+4 is 9. The telephone number is 729 17 63. 6+3 is 9. Even my car is 1800 JA. 1+8 is 9.

But the most special thing about this number is my 9 years doing what I love the most in this memorable place: photography. So many moments, memories, passions, success, failures and most of all, love, have been shared under this roof. It’s a real proof of determination. A real story of fighting and believing.

Now it’s time to say good bye. Praja has a new owner, who’s also in love with this place. We’re moving to our new place, to continue making history… in photography, and in life.