Plaza Indonesia Print Ad, 2010


The idea was simple: to advertise food and sport goods festival.

We decided to shoot at one of the Plaza Indonesia good restaurants, Pizza E birra. I loved the floor and the giant door (don’t try to open it, it’s fake). Since it’s a fully operating restaurant, we had to start early in the morning and finish it before 11 am. Not a problem, that was just a perfect timing to get my lunch anyway.

I decided to give paradoxical treatment: sporty outfit with couture hair plus over-the-top make up. Bright colorful models against darkie background. Plus, saturated tonality. I like paradox. It puts us in the middle of a battle of ideas, it triggers our sense of judgement. But I don’t like to overdo it, as most of our sinetrons (read: crappy Indonesian tv movies).

I’d like to give a special note about the client, Plaza Indonesia and the ad agency, Matari. They have given me the most important thing that I always need: freedom. They trusted my treatment and decisions. The listened. I truly appreciate it. For my fellow photographers, don’t whine for it. Freedom can never be easily given to us. We just have to damn earn it. You know what I always do whenever I don’t get it? I ask for it with a big smile :D.

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