Playa del Carmen 2008

I spent a week for my sister’s wedding in Playa del Carmen. It was such a nice place, perfect for people who love the sea. Located 45 minutes from Cancun, it’s temperature is warm and breezy. If you fly from Houston, it takes only a few hours to get there. Cancun airport is also nice and organized

I stayed at Playacar Hotel, one of the Palace hotel group. A good deal they offered there. Once you checked-in, you’ll get a tag in your hand, showing that you are a hotel guest. You are allowed to do whatever you want in the hotel area, no charge at all (nice!). You name it: drinks, food, swimming-pool, mini-bar, all in. I paid $400 per night, regardless the number of people you have in one room (even better!!). And it has in-room jacuzzi too! Every night, they have a special performance. I like the fire dance the best.

For diving freaks, you’ve got to visit the Cenotes, the longest fresh water tunnels underground. Bring your wide-angle lens. It’s quite dark down there, but the view of the caverns was just fascinating. You can also see the border between salt and fresh water. It’s like seeing another water surface in the water. Incredible.

Go to Cozumel Island. You can snorkel for $45, or go diving, or just walk around. Diving is also quite nice in Playa del Carmen area (but not as good as in Indonesia 🙂

One of the world wonders, the Mayan pyramid Chichen Itza is also a must-go. It’s such an incredible architecture. If you stand in front of it and clap your hands, it will generate a ‘boink’ echo. The building itself is a calendar, one of the most accurate even in this modern world (according to the guide). Once a year, he explained, there was a football game whose winner would had been killed at the top of the pyramid. Getting his heart taken-out is a symbol of pride; it was a short way to heaven. Nice rewards for a winner!

Swim with the dolphins. You can touch, take photos, do actions with them. The dolphin’s skin is rubbery and smooth. Such friendly mammals they are. But you have to get $100 out of your pocket for this.

Explore the 5th street. I found it nicer in the evening, as there were many bars and street performances going on. Some open until early morning. Once you decided to drink, there is one thing you have to do: Tequilaaaaa! As Mexico is famous for their tequilas, you can buy a bottle from $10 to $1000. You decide!

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