Paris, 2009


It was my second time in Paris, after my first in 1998. Paris, La Ville-Lumière, The City of Light. The spring was sunny and breezy. And it was full of love, that makes it impossible not to fall for the city.

There are too many beautiful things in Paris. It is nearly impossible to explore even half of its main attractions in a visit. I always prefer to do it in slow motion, feel and memorize the atmosphere, the vibe of the place. But I can suggest and share you some simple things to do in Paris.

Have lunch at unbeatable French bistros, such as Le Comptoir de Relais at Saint Germain. Enjoy the romance on Pont Neuf, the famous bridge crossing Seine River. Pray and feel at peace at Notre Dame cathedral. Just wander and get lost in the Latin quarter and take a nap in one of its little parks. Admire the glorious Eiffel tower from many spots of the city; wait until its thousands of lights start flashing, glittering your dusk. Go to the Louvre, seek Da Vinci’s Monalisa. Shop till you drop on Avenue des Champ Elysées. Watch Moulin Rouge and be amazed. Dress uniquely, as it is the capital of fashion.

Once I asked a favor from a man to take a picture of me on Pont Neuf. He was apparently a poet, whose origin was Peru. Through our little chat, I was told that he had been living in many places in the world just to discover more and more about life. One simple thing he said, to feel joy and happiness, we have to open our hearts to sorrow.

In the city of love, wisdom comes in many wonderful ways. Paris oh Paris…





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