Panasonic Lumix Pocket Camera Series, 2011

Adventure, anyone?

It was my second time shooting for Panasonic Lumix this year. Different to Panasonic Lumix GF2 print ads, this time I worked with Panasonic’s new advertising agency, Dentsu. The concept was to introduce three new exciting Lumix pocket cameras, which had different characteristics (some of you must have seen the print ads and billboards. Pretty awesome huh?).

Let’s talk about the first layout, Lumix FT3. This camera was designed for outdoor people who like to abuse their cameras (not completely true, but you get my point). This shot involved quite a lot of props. We needed to build the interior of a helicopter, using multiplex, styrofoam and many metal accessories. We then painted them in such ways to create the rustic look. The headphone was original though. I shot the model together with the props in my studio, using only one flash head covered with yellow gel to create a morning sunlight feel. The light was bounced with a silver reflector from the model’s back. The scenery background, and the picture in camera LCD were digitally added (Panasonic would have killed me if I have had proposed to shoot it in Borneo jungle. I would love to, though).

The second layout was equally as interesting too! This one was for Lumix TZ20 (I just called my client five minutes ago to make sure that I write the series right. Panasonic has a confusing series system, nobody can’t remember it). I shot the male model together with the parachute, hanging high in the sky (one metre high in my studio, to be exact). I also used one flash head only to recreate the sun. Without changing the light setup, I then shot the female model together with the towel. This time I added more reflectors to soften the shadow. The background was also from photo stock, digitally retouched and composed until we all were happy (quite a painful process I’m telling you. Too many heads are not always good. Trust me.)

Super zoom for chic hunters

The third layout was executed on location. This one was for Lumix FH2, the fashionable Lumix. We used a campus in the south of Jakarta, which is famous of its pretty students (not completely a true fact either. It was pretty deserted when we were shooting. I was glad though :D). The female model was from Russia and the male was from Jakarta. This fact created a little problem. The lady was way taller than the man. We later had to make the male’s legs taller digitally. The building and the sky in the background was also added in post production.

This one is for the man hunter

I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I enjoyed the shooting. Enjoy the cameras too! They’re great.

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