Lumba-lumba Dive Centre discriminated National Geographic Divers

I’ll make it short: during our diving in Pulau Weh with National Geographic Magazine for the reef check program, LUMBA-LUMBA Dive Centre gave us an annoying discrimination: we had to wait the guide to have late breakfast, they did not respond well, the guide forgot to bring his tank etc.

The hotel next to it was as bad. If you want to have some hot water, then you have to the kitchen and get it yourself, while the waitress couldn’t be bothered watching tv. It IS a hotel, not a motel by the way.

All because we paid less?? (the dive centre was also a sponsor, so we got cheap price). I think they had no idea how a sponsorship works. Anyway, that’s not the point. If you have guests, then you have to treat them respectfully. It’s that simple.


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