‘Lomba Perancang Mode Femina’: anything new?

It was my very first time judging a fashion competition. LPM Femina, a competition that started back in year 70s, has already been there before I was born. Judging it was quite an experience.

Since the beginning of the judging process, the 5 judges (Carmanita (designer), Stephanus Hamy (designer), Ninuk (lifestyle journalist, Kompas), Elvara (editor, Femina Group) and me) were sure that the winner would be the creation on the left. The ideas, the process and the wearability were brilliant. Then what really happen was pretty strange.

The final judgement (which only held tiny 10% of total points) was appereance on catwalk. The one of the left felt dull. Then all of us decided to win the one on the right. The collection was just stunning. I was hesitate for a moment because the left one already won through three earlier rounds.

Well, that’s the art of a creation, isn’t? At the end of the day, the final impact of our design that matters most. And pardon me, as I am very shameful, to forget the winner’s name. Anyway, congratulations to all finalists. And thanks so much to Femina Group for trusting me.

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