Judging Eyeka Fashion Photo Competition 08: Getting Serious?

Me, Henky Prihatna, Alexandre Olmedo , Darwis Triadi, Morina Chandra, Arbain Rambey

Me, Henky Prihatna, Alexandre Olmedo, Darwis Triadi, Morina Chandra, Arbain Rambey

Eyeka (read: eye and ka) is an organization whose vision is to connect the leading brands with young talented artists, photographers, video makers, etc through competitions and events. Founded in France, they have branched out to Singapore, Indonesia and soon Australia.

I met Alexandre Olmedo, the CEO of Eyeka during the judging session (together with Darwis Triadi and Arbain Rambey, both are well-known photographers, in case you’re not in photography world :)), which was held at FX Mall Jakarta. I have to say I was quite impressed to see how the concept of this organization actually worked.

What I saw was amazing. Many of the entries were nicely executed. Not spectacular, but waaay better than my expectation. I realized that fashion photography has been developed in more conceptual ways, especially among the young generations (like me! :D).


The winning picture

Congratulations to our sole winner, Gilroy Bezaliel Evan Yoewono. The winner package is tickets and accommodations to London Fashion Week. Instead of judging, I should have tried my luck to be a contestant. Maybe not. Even though many know me as a fashion photographer, I shoot more models with less cloths nowadays. And it’s still called fashion photography. Cool huh!

So, is it fashion photography is getting serious in our country? You bet!

PS. Morina Chandra from Eyeka found and messaged me the first time on Facebook. Yeah, I am a Facebook slut. It works.

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