HM Sampoerna Annual Report 2007

My design firm is not a big fan of pitches. HM Sampoerna, one of the biggest tobacco companies in Indonesia, and in the world, is one exception. I have handled HM Sampoerna since year 2001 and have done many projects for them, which mostly successful and satisfactory.

I have to say, HM Sampoerna is still one of my favorite clients. It respects creativity. The people have good taste. It always applies clean business and good corporate governance. No wonder Phillip Morris bought it from Sampoerna family with super deal price 3 years ago.

Published in March 2008, this annual report is the second I have done for them, 2 years after the first one. It was a good pitch. I won although my price was the highest (as always ;). They wanted 3 alternatives and I gave only one (why bother?).They wanted a rough concept for first viewing and I gave them full, finished design (I don’t present half-cooked).

Well, I personally hate losing.

The idea was very simple. The client wanted to talk about innovations as the main theme. So, I thought, let’s make an innovative annual report then, design wise. Enough talking (as I believe my writing is much more terrible than my design) you might better enjoy the pictures.

PS: How could I lose if I personally design most of the work for Sampoerna where most of the competitors only assigned their account executives and designers to do it?

hmsampoerna-ar06_1 hmsampoerna-ar06_2




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