Erha Clinic, 2011

Laser for beauty wouldn't hurt

I’ve been shooting beauty since the very early days of my photography life. Why? Because it is a true wonderful thing about this career. Surrounded by gorgeous women, being able to tell them to do this and that, and also getting paid of doing so. Ain’t that called a great job that makes many people envious? 😀

Erha Clinic is a big clinic chain in Indonesia. It’s just absolutely amazing to see how many women (and men) are willing to spend A LOT and do (almost) anything to make them look more beautiful, or at least stay beautiful, or wishing that they could be a bit beautiful. Erha Clinic started only as a small clinic some years ago, and has been going national with so many branches, having their own big buildings everywhere, making their own medicines in their own medical factory, and most of all, are willing to hire me to do their latest advertising campaign. Sixteen layouts altogether. Thanks Erha! *by the time I write this blog, only 2 LOs have been displayed, so I can’t show the rest, yet. Sorry.*

Red laser to make you look like Zhang Zhiyi

As you can see, the shot is very simple: whitish background, plain and shadowless lighting, light make-up, simple hair-do and simple poses. The model was shot on white background, with pretty much same angle on every frame, so I could mix-and-match the treatment tools, the model and the backgrounds for different layouts.

The key of success of this kind of photo shoots is actually the models. You’ve got to have gorgeous models, no matter what. Bruce Webber said, “You have a great model, 50% of the shooting is done.” I so agree to that.


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