Endorsing Samsung SyncMaster LCD Monitor 2009

Press conference at Poste

Press conference at Poste

Again, endorsing brands has never been my biggest interest. But when a good brand approached you and let you talk about it freely without being obliged to say good things about it, it became interesting. This was my second time endorsing Samsung. The first one was Samsung’s mobile, Innov8.

I see Samsung as a fastest growing electronic brand. I know that Samsung was the brand with the most new models in mobile phone industry, back a couple of years ago. I don’t really know about its monitor market though.

I’ll make this post a short story. Samsung called, I and my team tried the monitor for several days and we finally had a press conference at Poste Restaurant, Jakarta. I was there with two Samsung representative: Budi Santoso (Head of IT Division) and Julius Tjhin (Monitor Product Manager). Budi was very funny. I liked this guy.

What I like about Samsung new LCD monitor: it’s beautifully designed, it’s full HD, it’s comfortable to work with for 9-10 hours a day and it has really good value for money. The downside? I would prefer a stronger construction for the monitor stand. It’s minor though.

I can’t wait to see how Samsung develop its LED market. Really can’t wait. Meanwhile, I guess I better enjoy the new beautiful monitor (and play more game).

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