Cozy time with Gilles Bensimon

I have to admit, I seldom have an idol. Gilles Bensimon, (yup, the name that you heard every time Tyra Banks mentioned the prices for the winner of America’s Next Top Model) is one of them.

Why? He has what it takes to be a great fashion photographer: passion, dedication, commitment and really, really good eyes. So I feel very happy, and honored, to had a chance to spend some time with him.

Coffee time on the 3rd floor

Coffee time on the 3rd floor

It was a cloudy afternoon, on the 3rd floor of my studio. We talked about politics, economy and of course, photography. To be honest, I don’t remember much of our conversation. But I do remember what crossed my mind seeing him working the whole day in my studio, taking pictures for Elle Indonesia.

I saw a photographer who does not really care about concepts. Gilles preferred to work with whatever creative ideas that popped up in his mind once he arrived on location. He worked with whatever available, and make the most use of them. He always has an extraordinary ability to capture real characters of the models and shoot them at the split-second, perfect moment. I am talking about the moments that really last for a split second only. None of those moments captured on camera was a coincidence, I believe.


And I managed to get him signed his book ‘No Particular Order’ which I bought years ago. In return, I gave him my Femalography book. I hope he enjoyed it.


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