‘Capturing Ujung Kulon’, a fun photo workshop with WWF and Jerry Aurum, 2007

I really don’t know where to start. I just got back from one of the most memorable workshops I ever conducted. ‘Capturing Ujung Kulon’ was a real fun! There were 44 people (participants, WWF, guide from Kagum Koperasi, my team) joining it. And like I said, it was an ultimate fun.



The journey started on Jul 20 at 8.30. After 13 hours, we finally arrived at Pulau Peucang, Ujung Kulon. The guest house was amazingly clean and full AC. The food? Delicious!! After a tasty dinner, everyone went to bed since we would have an early start on the second day.



I’ll just make the story very short. We got everything: nice beaches, forests, cliffs, wildlife, abandoned buildings, the sea, everything. Not mentioning the never-ending jokes :). And of course, the real photography classes and competition in the evening. Mariani and Veronica won the 1st place for Thematic and Free Categories. Congratz! You girls have proven that it’s the woman behind the gun that counts haha..

It is really hard to describe how our daily acts give a huge impact to our nature. And it is almost impossible to make people see and understand how our nature has been terribly ruined by us, human being. I strongly suggest you all, please go and spend more time in nature so you can appreciate it at a differenct level and hopefully, will help each other to protect and do the slightest contribution to save the wildlife.

Cannot wait to do much more fun things with WWF. Thanks so much for trusting me on this one.



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