‘Benten’, that’s the name


It is an interesting name indeed. Benten is the name of one of ancient Japanese goddesses, who posses beauty, arts and knowledge. Well, in our modern world, it’s the new fashion brand that I photographed recently. Underwater! The owners (also designers), Cecilia Yuda and Lisa Daryono, are two young talented persons who manage to give quite impressive values on their clothing: high-class yet affordable.


We shot it with black bakground, drawned in a 4-m-deep pool. Dorian, our rock-n-roll model, once again performed stunning poses. I this time prefered to use scuba tank, so I could stay underwater longer. Using only available light, we finished the shooting in 3 hours. JakTV recorded everything and will air it in September. To know more about the lovely dresses, check out www.bentenfashion.multiply.com.

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