Belitung with Hewlett Packard, 2009


Belitung! As most of everyone else in Indonesia, I saw this beautiful island through Laskar Pelangi, a feature film by Riri Riza. I love the movie and after visiting the island, I loved its beaches too.

Belitung is only 45 minutes flight from Jakarta (we flew Batavia Air). It’s a small island, only 244 hectare, which will only take 2 hours to go across it. It’s basically divided into two: North Belitung and East Belitung.

I unfortunately didn’t have much time to really explore the island. So we decided to focus on the northern part of the island, whose highlight was Tanjung Tinggi. We also went to a fishermen kampoeng near Tanjung Pandan and a museum which wasn’t very interesting for me (I usually loved museum 🙂 ).


We stayed at Lorr Inn, for free, as the whole event was sponsored by HP. You would need to pay approximately 600 thousand – 1,5 million rupiah per night to stay there. It’s nice though.

Talking about the event, it’s a pretty interesting experience. The participants came from really different backgrounds, as they were random winners of HP program ‘Print Your Holiday With Famous Photographer’ (I have no idea who it refers to). A teacher, an IT guy, an aircraft maintenance specialist, an aluminium sales are some to mention. My experience in teaching photography to real newbies is very limited, so I took the event as quite challenging. If I have failed to make them interested in photography, I thought, I would then focus on the durian that we bought on the way to our photo hunting location. Luckily, I got both.

Belitung_019-BW Belitung_080-BW

Belitung_074-BW Belitung_176-BW




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