‘Be Creative and Make More Profit’, another workshop in Bandung, 2007

It was quite cloudy in Bandung, but I always have an uplifting feeling whenever I go back to this used-to-be-my-hometown city. Together with Lio Adrian from Susan Pro Album (who organized the event) and Widodo Gunawan, a motivational speaker, we had such a good time conducting a workshop-seminar ‘Be creative, and make more profit’ in Aug 07.

Why being creative? I seriously think it as our crucial homework. Many of us think too much on technical aspects. Trying to be a perfect photographer in delivering perfect lighting, perfect locations, perfect modelling and styling, but none about the ideas themselves. Many of us got interested more on innovations in copying than the art of inventing. So I had decided long ago to talk more on these. That’s why most of technical questions were answered with my not-so-cool statement: Go to a bookstore, grab a techy guidebook, and start reading :). Haha, but I meant no offence at all.


Bandung is fulfilled by so many creative individuals. I go the feeling that their main concern is the pricing with the clients. Don’t we all?

I always have a mixed feeling on big seminars like this. I could only share a skin-deep knowledge. I’m not sure whether they could absorb deep enough, got inspired enough. Anyway, once again, it was so nice to be there. It’s my big hope that some of the participants from Sumatera, Bali and many other far cities enjoyed it!


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