The shooting was in 2005. Very memorable. I can’t tell anyone who the model was, so, let’s name her Amanda.

She was one of the coolest friends of mine. She was very passionate, full of energy. That suited my kind of idea of how we should shoot women.

The funny story is the night before the shooting. We had dinner and talked a lot about the incoming session. To make sure that she wouldn’t be embarrased, we decided to have a tryout: Amanda has to appear naked in front of me, no camera, just to make her comfortable with the idea (once, I had to cancel a nude session because the model decided not to do the concept because she was too shy). So we came back to my house and she stripped. The only embarrassment was her undies :). It was (according to her) the ugliest one haha. Luckily we wouldn’t need it.

So, on the d-day, three of us: me, Amanda and a best friend of both of us, Mei, did the session in my studio. It involved: hundred of kilos self-made concrete fake-stone, lots of water and huge excitement.

It was all about the timing and timing. Amanda did a fantastic job and I just couldn’t do it without Mei. She as a savior; someone has to either pour the water or press the camera). So we did it in return.

The result? You judge.


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