Again, Femalography in Amsterdam

It started with a trouble at the airport. The photos were printed in smaller version for this exhibition. So I assumed they would be pretty light. Well, apparently not. I ended up having 30 kg overweight that cost me a fortune. Luckily, living in a country like Indonesia, you somehow can manage to have a more ‘friendly’ pricing.

The opening was fun (and it was open for public), and the rest of the exhibition at the Supperclub is only for closed audience. Yup, the club is pretty much exclusive (I would have preferred it differently).

I found it quite different to have an exhibition in Europe (c’mon, of course!). People were more relaxed, they like to talk deeper about the work etc. But the interesting thing was the fact that they were very interested in knowing the production technique, just as I experienced in Jakarta and Singapore. Everyone asked about it! :). Too bad, there were so much more to talk about.

The lesson to all tropic-based photographer: Never have your exhibition in late autumn or winter, it’s so damn cold!

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