A little lecture at Kompas

jerry3-slide-kompas When Kompas, the biggest newspaper in Indonesia, called me to give a talk for their photographers, I thought they had called a wrong Jerry :). They apparently hadn’t. As part of their training program, Kompas constantly upgrades their photographers’ perspective by inviting photographers from different fields to share their ideas.

Giving a talk to a community who is not familiar with what I do is never comforting. I always feel a bit like a rookie who has to prove himself that he is worth standing in front of the audience. Well, it went well, I guess ;). And it was a good practice for me too, as I had to alter my point of view; talking about journalistic competence in my fashion collection (Femalography especially). Quite a challenge, but I liked it! If they think what I do is not their best interests, well, I don’t really give a damn to be honest. I at least got a chance to see their office (gosh, messy, but so alive!).

To Kompas, it was an honor. Thanks so much. And thanks to Agus Susanto for sharing me the pic, and to Lucky, who gave me a ride through the bloody traffic jam.

PS. I talked to Eddy Hasbi, the photo editor-in-chief of Kompas, before the sharing session. Funny it felt, as I had read his name on many, many stunning pictures at Kompas since I was a little boy.

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