2011, In Retrospection

Looking back a bit is necessary

Here I am again, two years after I wrote my last retrospection on this blog. Many things have happened since then, good and bad, and I have been fortunate enough to have more of the good ones.

So here are some of my (sometimes not-important) thoughts about many things in our creative industry and about myself:

1. 2011 has been the most exciting year in photography. Thanks to Instagram, which was chosen as the application of the year by Apple, more and more people are so into photography these days.

2. Number of professionals in commercial photography in Indonesia remain pretty much the same as many years ago. Many have come and go, and they usually stayed in the business not more than two years. Why? I guess the business side is not what many people expect to be a pro.

3. Photography in Indonesia has started to struggle its way to penetrate the fine-art markets. It is still a long way to go. C’mon people, it’s not only paintings that you can stare at.

4. I’ve seen that many architects and interior designers have been enjoying a great year, financially and creatively.

5. Fashion industry has remained exciting. It’s still full of arrogant people who take their pride more than it should be, but the some fresh blood have shown us that our fashion industry is getting serious, internationally.

6. I got involved more in the fine-art world this year and got to know a bit more about it. Wow, many real successful fine-art artists have made me feel like I was in the wrong field. Enjoy your big houses and fancy cars, lucky bastards.

7. I failed to discipline myself to finish my 3rd book, the Femalography part II. Instead, again, I have started another book, which excited me more. Not that I hadn’t tried to work on Femalography, but I just didn’t get what I wanted after each shooting. So I decided to take a little break, again. Hopefully, my next book will come out at the end of 2012.

8. Some people see me more as a celebrity than a photographer, thanks to some commercials that I was featured in. And some know me more than my work these days. That’s never been my intention, and it doesn’t make me happier either. Being more and more well known does give lots of benefits, but it also gives nothing less of limitations in my daily life. Anyway, I think staying focus in making good arts is still the most important (and exciting!) part.

9. I am truly sorry to all the people that I have hurt, no matter how small it was. I hope they would forgive me and I hope not to do the same mistakes in the future.

10. I have learnt to be more patient and being less perfectionist this year. I am still not sure if it’s the best attitude, but it seems that it works pretty well. Maybe I’m getting old? I can live with that.

11. I have finally finished my home – studio – office renovation and it’s been covered by several media since then. The new Studio Praja is more convenient now and I enjoy cooking so much in my new kitchen :D. Maybe you should hire me as your decorator the next time you renovate ;).

12. I tried the prototype of Canon 1Dx. The biggest, heaviest DSLR I’ve ever tried. I’m not sure what to do with its 14 frames-per-second shutter, but it impressed me much anyway.

13. I have enjoyed mirrorless camera more than ever. I fell in love with my Panasonic Lumix G3 right away. Light, fast and has great image quality. Not mentioning its widest range of quality lenses among its competitors.

14. I finally changed my 10 years Hensel lighting system, and welcomed the high-end Profoto. It was a right choice.

15. No matter how much I hate being involved in confrontation, there were two fights I had to face this year. One was with an advertising agency who was trying to treat me like shit, and the other one was with my lunatic, grumpy old-man neighbor. I guess, when you really have to fight, fight.

16. Love has shown me the way. I proposed my girlfriend in a wonderful evening at the top of Empire State Building last July, and I am truly honored to have your blessings for my wedding in 2012.

Enjoy 2012, good people!

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