2009, In Retrospection


It was a fine afternoon in January 2010… clear and breezy. I could not take my eyes away from the horizon in the sea of Rajaampat, Papua. Being away from Jakarta always brings me a good mood to give a quality time to myself (an exception to my toilet affair every morning, which is awesome, but doesn’t include a million dollar view like what I had).

One thing I did remember: I forgot more things. It’s funny to see that our hunger of excitements only fuels our source of forgetfulness. I thought I better write down a few things that I considered interesting to remember in 2009, so I can remember to use it when trying to look smart in front of new clients.

So here I am, sitting at a cafe at Plasa Senayan at 3 pm, compiling those thoughts (and wondering why these people around me don’t have to go to work… lucky bastards…).

  1. I have realized that the toughest battle is within myself, with myself. In most of the cases, I lost.
  2. I realized that graphic design was a dying business. Most of the work from idiots have successfully satisfy idiot clients. The only problem is, there are more idiots than ever now.
  3. I wrote more than ever in 2009. They were still terrible writings, but I hope they didn’t fail to make you an inspired reader.
  4. Being more well-known brings lots of benefits. But I don’t think the downside is any less.
  5. I am being blessed with my last exhibition and book, In My Room. It proved me that simple ideas work well in this complicated world.
  6. The book made me talk in-depth with many of the public figures in Indonesia. You know what interests them the most? Themselves.
  7. Advertising in Indonesia has been walking backwards. Less creative ideas sell more.
  8. Photography is getting very popular. And so is Photoshop.
  9. I realized that in LOVE, I knew nothing.
  10. I lost a lot of things during the year. So much, so many. Maybe I needed to.
  11. I have hurt many good people around me during the year. Some, deeply. I am truly sorry.
  12. I thought I would have been tired with Facebook. Nope.
  13. I was introduced to another amazing world wonder: Twitter. See, simple ideas, again, work.
  14. Canon made its best move in photography with its 5D mark 2. My best value camera ever.
  15. Macintosh stayed cool and unbeatable. If PC people think differently, it’s mostly because they haven’t tried both.
  16. I was surprised to see the development of inkjet printer. Hewlett Packard did a good job.
  17. Creative industry got dirtier every year. Getting hard to win pitches with honesty? Be a lawyer or start a restaurant.
  18. I stopped doing pro-bono work. It’s a stupid concept.
  19. My company became very slim. Love it. Less headache, less fix cost, more profit, more free time, more traveling.
  20. Getting out of my comfort (creative) zone saved me from being a cocky asshole. I hope.
  21. I judged a national design competition for the first time. I found it equally as fun as judging photo competitions.
  22. I started to do sport again. Creative people, trust me, it helps.
  23. I needed less sleep. Some said it’s a sign of getting old.

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